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PUPPIES. [Mar. 26th, 2014|09:44 am]
The Basie puppies are ready to leave their mom (who is more than ready for them to GTFO), so this time next week I will be sharing ridiculous border collie puppy pics with the internets.

Moki has no idea what he is in for, but when I remember all of the patient older dogs who let him bounce off their heads I think he deserves it anyway. We've picked the quietest, mellowest one of the litter, who also happens to be the largest and easily trainable. (Nina, the mom, is about 30 lbs, while Basie, on the bigger end of Welsh borders, is 45lbs. Moki hangs around 70lbs but has finally become an adult dog at 4 so gets tired after a few hours of playing, unlike puppy-version Moki who played all day and most of the night. One of our sitters once mentioned that Moki was harder to tire out than Isaac; that's no longer true.)

Basie was the dog who taught Mads how to stand so she could throw things farther for him. I told Nat the first time I met Basie that I wanted a puppy when she had them, so I've been waiting more than twelve years for this creature to show up.