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I am a little done with things being exciting [Sep. 13th, 2013|10:55 pm]
We are back in our house, which got wet (as J put it: "normal-NY-basement") but escaped any real damage, at least so far. (We're not going to talk about the unrepaired-because-of-scheduling-issues roof damage from, um, June, because if there is water in the family room ceiling I can't do anything about it at the moment. But I think we're ok.)
And as far as evacuations go... we have practice, planning, and good friends. We were overwhelmed with offers of places to stay. We were able to help out the neighbors who needed help getting out, with backup places for everyone to stay if roads closed before we got through them.

We are still packed and ready to go with literally a minute's notice. We have water and food stored if we can't get out. We're good. We were really fucking lucky. Again.

The water came to the end of the block, about 50yds away. The real damage in this neighborhood are the homes just south of where the bulk of the new flood plain work was done last year; based on the older maps, if this had happened before that work, the whole neighborhood would be under water, instead of just that corner of it. Not that it's much solace for them.

On Youtube there's a video of a fire truck driving through water up to and over the windshield. I drive that road nearly every day. It's the best route from preschool to dance. The photo in USAToday of the dumpster floating down the street? That's a around the corner and a block away from where I'm sitting. I walk there just about every day. I love so much that the ridiculous public art is still spinning. I hope it's still there tomorrow. I hope the cement faces are, too, but that's asking for a lot.

Until just a little while ago, I could hear the machinery pushing sludge out of the way. Now I can hear the creek. I am not supposed to be able to hear the creek. It is so weird to not have heard a single train all day. We won't hear trains for a long time. The tracks are gone.

If we have to get more storms, I hope they are the weird ones with all the thunder and lightning and no rain.