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May Update [May. 22nd, 2009|11:19 am]

Originally published at Blessed and Mundane. You can comment here or there.

Even mellow easy-going newborns take a lot of time and attention. Isaac is now five weeks old and growing at an astonishing rate. And smiling. Baby smiles- especially those first few HI I KNOW YOU grins- make up for an awful lot of lost sleep and baby puke.

I’m sketching the Auctioneer, which is probably going to get a couple of title changes, and waiting for some research to be published before I dive back into Solace revisions. All of this is being done long-hand as I’ve screwed up my right wrist and can’t type. Or knit. Or do much of anything. Good thing I can garden one-handed or I would be one cranky monster to live with these days.

My comments have been overrun by spam and I haven’t updated my plugins in months. But I’m writing again, at least. That’s nice.